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Monthly Archives: July 2014

Pause 2: The Unpausening

Not having anything to write about’s a rubbish excuse, but it’s one that I’ve somehow managed to thoroughly convince myself of. “I’m not playing anything current right now”, I say, whilst continuing to make slow and appreciative progress through the bright themeparks of Wildstar. “Nothing’s really impressing me enough to write”, I claim, despite wanting to rant to everyone I know about how much I am loving Netrunner, and the X-Wing Miniatures game and Mighty Tactical Shooter, and how everyone else should be playing them too right now. “I’m mostly just spending my evenings on Hearthstone, or Kingdom Hearts, or Dwarf Fortress”, as if none of them would be worth writing words about.

I need to take a step back with this place, I think. Stop trying to write big grandiose pieces and just settle for whatever I’ve had fun with the past couple of days. I’ve been hesitant to touch Netrunner or X-Wing or Hearthstone or Wildstar because they’re so widely-discussed absolutely everywhere else, but I really need to stop letting that put me off. This is my diary of stuff I’m playing and enjoying after all. It’s not like I’m trying to break news or do anything particularly deep or original here.

So yeah, I’ll get on that.

For now have some random screenshots of the early Wildstar game up to level 20. I’m not entirely sure what it is that I’m finding so compelling about Wildstar, but the fact that it looks like this all the fucking time can’t be hurting.

Screenshot 2014-06-08 10.18.06Screenshot 2014-06-08 16.01.14Screenshot 2014-06-08 18.58.30Screenshot 2014-06-09 20.31.04Screenshot 2014-06-29 10.34.19Screenshot 2014-06-29 10.25.43