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Coming Soon: Stuff about Wasteland 2


When I played Wasteland 2 at Rezzed I enjoyed it, but like so much stuff these days didn’t plan on picking it up anytime soon. It looked like a lot of fun, but wasn’t what I was really in the mood for. So many games, so little time, yah yah yah. Maybe when it’s inevitably on sale at Christmas, I thought. Playing Shadowrun Returns last week after scouring my “Untouched” list on Steam for mouse-only games I could manage with my broken collarbone changed my mind for two reasons:

1. It reminded me how much I love CRPGs, and how I’ve been meaning to start Planescape Torment or re-play Fallout sometime soon. I’ll probably do neither now that I’m going to be busy playing Wasteland. (Sorry, Greg.)

2. It made me want to play one that didn’t feel a bit crap. Not really crap! Just a bit crap. Like the last Shadowrun game. (Sorry, Mike.)

So yeah, I picked up Wasteland 2 this afternoon and after the better part of an hour I have finally settled on my party. I didn’t want to make four characters, because that would literally take me the rest of the night, so I picked the three psychopathic vigilantes who I liked most out of the pre-made ones and then added myself in at the back. Because honestly, in a post-apocalyptic dystopia, that’s probably what I’d actually do.

Without looking at anything more than these bios, I picked:

Pills, the brothel-medic


Bear, the mutant-hunter


and Slick. Who sounds like he’s going to be about as much use in a fight as I am.


Speaking of whom!

Usually in Fallout and other-such RPGs I go for either a long range mage or snipery type who can support the rest of the party, or someone short-ranged and stealthy with a high dodge score and lots of thief skills. I skip non-combat stuff like conversation or computers or repairing or bartering by and large and focus on the combat side of the game. Not this time, however. This time I’m going to be a smartass toaster repairman.


Yes, that’s right.

I’m playing the obvious gag.

Not quite whole-heartedly, mind you, else I’d have put all my points in toaster repair and nothing else, but to the point at least that I’m not bothering with even a single perfunctory rank in a combat skill. I’ve heard the game’s fights get a bit tiresome after a while, so I wanna make sure I see plenty of everything else. I’m also kinda curious wtf is up with the toasters. Slick will be doing most of the talking, so I will play the Intelligence game. For now, repairing toasters and small mechanical devices. Later? Perhaps Weaponsmithing and Safecracking? Maybe something else entirely. I’m gonna let the wasteland swallow me up and then see what gets spit out. I put points in Luck because I think I might need it.


I also picked a face that looks sorta like Weird Al. Because why the hell not.

This isn’t gonna be a diary or anything, because ultimately I don’t wanna ruin the game for myself by constantly thinking about taking screenshots or coming up with witty things to write, but as with Gal Civ 3 I do wanna have somewhere that I can write and ramble about cool stuff I find or fun stuff that happens. Maybe I’ll keep a diary of all the toasters I repair.

So yeah, tally-ho, then! I’ll be back in half a dozen levels’ time!

Wow, so that’s what I get for picking no weapon skills..
Screenshot 2014-09-19 19.05.03

This is gonna be awesome.


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